Smart Equipment & Solutions for the Foodservice Industry

SESCO Foodservice Manufacturers


●  Smallwares ● Cookware 

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Arctic Air

● Reach in refrigerators & freezers  ● Sandwich & pizza prep equipment

● Merchandisers, Undercounter unit

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Bake Max

Bakery and Pizza Equipment

● Floor Planetary Mixers, Countertop Mixers, Spiral Mixers  ● Sheeters  ● Double Moulders  ● Dough dividers & Rounders, Pizza Presses ● Pizza Warmers● Conveyor Toasters & Baker ● Heated Display Cases ● Refrigerated Display Cases

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● UV disinfection, air treatment  ● Ice Machine - bacteria & yeast reduction  

● Restroom odor control, hood treatment, HVAC

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● Commercial blenders  ● Blender dispenser with ice  ● Blender accessories

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● Ice makers, cubers, flakers  ● Dispensers, bins & undercounter units

● Ice Pure and Simple

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● Commercial dishwashers, pot/pan,  ● tray washers, undercounter dishmachines

● VaporGaurd hoodless dishwashers

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Short Description Short Description Short Description Short Description Short Description

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● Reach-in refrigerators & freezers  ● Chest freezers, ice cream merchandisers  ● Sandwich prep tables, undercounter units

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● Premium walk ins of all sizes  ● 32 quick ship sizes  ● 10 year door and panel warranty

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● Cup dispensing systems  ● Ice cream cone dispensers & accessories  

● Lid organizers, napkin dispensers

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● Gas and electric ovens  ● Small footprint full size ovens  ● Proof/ bake centers

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● Commercial Microwave ovens  ● Sonic steamers  ● Hi Speed ovens  ● Rice Cookers

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Prince Castle

● Holding solutions, Toasters & timers  ● Slicers/cutters, condiment dispensing

● Smallwares

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The leader in Combi Oven Steamers - featuring iCombi and iVario Total Cooking Solutions 

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RF Hunter

● Fryer oil Filtration systems  ● Filter paper, filter powder  ● Fryer boil out pucks

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Rocky Mountain

● Pancake griddles  ● Add-on griddles & broilers  ● Charcoal grill

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Royal Range

Royal Range Short Description Royal Range Short Description Royal Range Short Description

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● Soft serve ice cream, yogurt & batch freezers  ● Shake freezers  

● Frozen beverage dispensers

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SECO Select

● Hot/Cold Food - School serving lines  ● Utility rack, hot holding cabinets

● Cook & hold, roast & hold ovens

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Silver King

● Undercounter freezers/ refrigerators  ● Sandwich & pizza prep units

● Milk dispensers, lettuce dispensing systems

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● Commercial Dishwashers

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● Stainless fabrication, custom stainless

● Sinks, tables, transport cabinets

● Pan racks, oven racks, utility racks

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