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Global Refrigeration

Consistent temperature is Key!

Why Global?

Global Refrigeration is renowned for its reliable design that maintains consistent temperature, protecting product integrity and minimizing product loss. Its patented design offers reliability and performance that no other company can match, and is built to last with best-in-class life cycle. It is sought out by serious operators.

Global Refrigeration PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

Dipping Cabinets

Global’s unique design holds a consistent interior cavity temperature of +10°F to -15°F. Accurate temperatures eliminate temp variations found in other products in the marketplace, keeping products fresh and at the optimal temperature for dipping.

Low Temp Ice Cream Chest Freezers

Consistent interior temperature 0°F to -20°F guarantees the product will remain frozen (at the desired temperature) eliminating the loss of product. Versatile – multifunction - for use as low-temperature storage of frozen foods and /or ice cream storage - or use for dipping ice cream.

Hardening Cabinets

Global stands out as the only company in US manufacturing hardening cabinets that reach the necessary low-temperatures for freezing ice cream and cakes. Offering models Reaching the essential -30°F to -40° throughout the cavity - where the ultimate accuracy matters.

Low-Temperature Display Cases

Offering BEST-IN-CLASS largest viewing display /glass area ideal for showcasing products and attracting customers. Global offers the widest range of solution providing products for merchandising.

Global Refrigeration Products

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