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Sterling Steamers

Boiler-Free Steamers and Steam-Generator Steamers

Awarding operators with outstanding Cooking Speed, Energy Efficiency, and Cooking Production.

Best-In-Class Performance: Sterling provides the advantage in commercial kitchens where speed and energy savings are essential.  Industry-leading rapid recovery design. 

Blue Flame Award-Winning Boilerless Gas Steamer!

Ultra Efficient and Low Maintenance - Innovative engineering provides long-term savings for your operation.

Best-In-Industry Pricing.   Sterling offers you the perfect balance of ultra-efficient cooking with the speed/performance of a traditional boiler-based steamer—all at a price you’ll appreciate – Contact your SESCO rep for details.


A perfect fit for your Kitchen

  • 6-Pan Boilerless  
  • 12-Pan Boilerless 
  • 10-Pan Cabinet based

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