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Sterling Steamers

Sterling Steamers – Excellence in Design

Awarding operators with top notch performance in Cooking Speed, Cooking Energy Efficiency, and Cooking Production Rate. Boiler-Free Steamers and Steam-Generator Steamers

Best-In-Class Performance: Sterling provides the advantage in commercial Kitchens where speed and energy savings are essential. Rapid recovery returns the unit to optimal operating temperatures for consistency and production when doors are opened during normal operation. Blue Flame Award-Winning Boilerless Gas Steamer!

Ultra Efficient and Low Maintenance - Sterling’s Innovation and Quality are designed to provide savings for your operation long term.

Best-In-Industry Pricing. With Sterling, you truly get the best of both worlds, an ultra-efficient, low-maintenance design with the recovery and production of a conventional boiler-based steamer – and a price you will be more than pleased with – Contact your SESCO rep for details.


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