Smart Equipment & Solutions for the Foodservice Industry

Prince Castle

We're inspired by a love of great food.

Prince Castle, founded concurrently with the birth of the quick-service industry, has been a pioneer and innovator in introducing new technologies to thousands of restaurants. Founded in 1955, Prince Castle has grown with many of the foodservice leaders to help improve their kitchens the world over.

Prince Castle is dedicated to helping improve restaurant operations so they can consistently serve a great-tasting product quickly and safely. Understanding the tight relationship between operational execution and product menu, Prince Castle develops kitchen equipment that optimizes both. Prince Castle has learned that no matter how good your menu is, your customers may never realize this if you have difficulty executing operationally.

To develop this equipment, Prince Castle immerses themselves in kitchens to better understand the complex relationships between the food, equipment and the crew. This helps Prince Castle design equipment that helps the restaurants optimally prepare their food, thus satisfying their customers.


● Holding solutions

● Toasters 

● Timers 

    ● Slicers/cutters, condiment dispensing

    ● Smallwares


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