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Blendtec has built their line for effortless operation, longevity and durability.  

Blendtec leads the industry in innovation - including the Stealth - the ultimate quiet blender.  Stealth's Sound enclosure reduces blending noise to levels of a normal conversation, providing a better blending atmosphere and, most importantly, minimizes noise, to enhance your customer's dining experience.  

    The Stealth Series delivers the option for Stealth Nitro - Blend by the cup -  Portioned drink system - 

    • Minimizes ingredient waste
    • Saves time 
    • Increases your profit margin.   

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    Need a Recipe?

    Blendtec provides easy to follow recipes


    Introducing the new Titan X motor from Blendtec - 

    • Built to run quieter
    • Runs cooler
    • Built for longer life - longer than any motor before it.

    Internal motor brushes have been replaced with electronics to increase the lifetime of the motor, give more output and torque to make drinks quicker, and use less power. The Titan X is also equipped with dynamic braking, allowing the operator to remove the jar without waiting for the blade to stop spinning. Take advantage of less downtime by cutting out the need to replace machines and make more drinks without overheating – the blender even cools itself without running!

    BLENDING-101 by Blendtec

    Can a Blendtec Blender keep up and hold up to my high volume operation?  Blendtec's technology has been rigorously tested. See for yourself - 

    View the Will It Blend Playlist below for an idea of Blendtec's ruggedness.

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