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Modular's complete line of dispensers will fit virtually any dispensing application from cups and lids to condiments and ice cream cones.

The complete line of Simpli-Flex® 2000 products features the self-adjusting Simpli-Flex 2000 cup dispenser which can dispense paper, plastic and styrofoam cups up to 44 ounces. The Simpli-Flex 2000 cup dispenser can be wall, stand, under counter or in-counter mounted. Or it's available in the Simpli-Flex 2100 Molded Cabinet or the Simpli-Flex 2100 Series Aluminum Cabinets. A portion cup dispenser for under counter or in-counter/cabinet mounting is also available.

Self-adjusting Simpi-Flex® dispensers are the accurate way to dispense cups and ice cream cones.  Simpli-Flex is proven - over a quarter million Simpli-Flex dispensers are in use today.

Adjustable pull type cup dispensers are available in gravity-fed wall or stand mount options or spring loaded for cabinet and in-counter mounting.

Z-stands and rotary stands are countertop dispensing stands for tubular lid, cup and cone dispensers. Dispensers are ordered separately.

These dispensers help organize self-serve areas and minimize waste.

Modular® dispensers feature the exclusive patented Simpli-Flex® gasket. It's totally self-adjusting to accurately dispense paper, plastic or styrofoam cups up to 64 ounces. With Simpli-Flex, you are assured one-at-a-time dispensing, every time. And the Simpli-Flex gasket seals the cup from contamination.The Simpli-Flex gasket is precision engineered and constructed of NSF and FDA approved materials. The gasket is molded of tear-resistant silicone. It is not die cut and the Simpli-Flex gasket is easy to install - it just slips on the dispenser!