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Introducing Your New Kitchen Assistant

Irinox's new series - offering the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market!


    Chefs Work Smarter with IRINOX Multifresh Blast Chillers

    Made to work for you 24/7!  Blast chill, shock freeze, thaw, proof, and low temp cook

    Increases Productivity Convenience -  easy to operate, clean, and sanitize. 

    Intelligent design lets you program to work while you are not - even during the weekend. Leave on a Friday with product frozen in the Irinox, and arrive on Monday morning to find the product thawed and ready for production or find it cooked already to your preference.  

    • Optimize your production and save on labor costs  
    • Reduce food costs
    • Increase food quality
    • Reduce food waste

    NEXT Level Customization   

    100% configurable equipment tailored to the specific requirement of your kitchen
    NEXT Level Technology & Design  

    Intuitive day-to-day workflow management by programming and controlling tasks remotely
    NEXT Level Performance  

    Redesigned compressors, fans and condensers for improved performance and low noise emissions
    NEXT Level Sustainability

    Multi-Fresh NEXT uses propane (R290) an eco-friendly and natural refrigerant, optimizing energy and efficiency and guaranteeing quicker chilling and freezing cycles. More power with less environmental impact!

    NEW HOLDING CABINET SOLUTIONS - Amazing Temperature Precision

    Accurate- Allows you to efficiently store all kinds of food with the greatest temperature stability 

    Delicate - Ventilation designed for gentle cold air distribution 

    Adaptable - Tray capacities designed for pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, and bakers

    Flexible -  Model choices engineered to maintain constant temps and manage humidity best suited to the stored products

    Ask your SESCO Rep today about CP NEXT!

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