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Blast Chillers Irinox

MultiFresh Next - Blast Chilling / Shock Freezing - and So Much More....

MultifreshNext - Irinox's new series offering the next level of technology and innovations. 

  • Blast Chilling   from 194'F to +37'F, Shock freezing that does not damage texture of food
  • Shock Freezing  does not damage texture of food,
  • Thawing  Intelligent thaw process to keep structure of food intact and safe.  
  • Regeneration   set desired time and temp for food to be hot and ready to serve.
  • Proofing  natural proofing cycles with controlled humidity for perfect results.  
  • Pasteurization  increases shelf life and slows down bacterial proliferation. 
  • Low Temperature Cooking  94'F Yes Cooking!  Cooks meat or fish at low temps - switching then to blast chill or shock freeze automatically - or hot holding - you choose!

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Blast Chillers Irinox