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Combi Oven Steamer Rational

Every Dish is an automatic success. Perfectly cooked. Even with maximum capacity loads or mixed loads.

iCombi Pro combines convection heat and steam into countless culinary possibilities.  Whether it's 2 meals or 200.  Freshly cooked food, Ready-to-serve meals, frozen and convenience products.  Every dish is perfectly cooked. 

• Fantastic flexibility - scrambled eggs, sausage, grilled tomatoes - foods prepared using the same method can go into the iCombi Pro at the same time - saving time and giving you more flexibility.

• Minimizes food cost by increasing yields

• Reduces labor time and cost - intuitive interactive controls for easier use, which means anyone can get it right the first time - error free.

• Ultra-fast cleaning - from dirty to clean in around 12 minutes. Works 50% faster using 50% less cleaning agents.

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Combi Oven Steamer Rational